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LJLML Resource Room

under construction...  -- ASL instruction site  Deaf Studies Archive – NTID/RIT <-- LibGuide collection at Gallaudet University <-- Gallaudet’s Archives and Deaf Collections  Video about Tennessee library – JJ, a famous Deaf mime, not captioned Tennesee Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing State of Maryland’s Deaf Cultural Digital Library  List of Deaf related books/ or by Deaf authors -- Deaf Performing Artists’ Network <-- TN Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube Channel  ASL stories for children 

-- Also:  < -- American Society for Deaf Children  Resources about Deaf, sign language, etc.  Handspeak, a website to learn ASL  Signing Savvy – learn ASL  Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox – Deaf Poetry in Rochester, NY, history of various movements, etc.  NTID/RIT’s Deaf Artists’ Website YouTube query for “Deaf Artists” <-- Audism Unveiled  also… below:  Publisher of many Deaf videos and stories and writing  Deaf writer Raymond Luczak  Waitin’ On The World to Change -by DPAN  National Association for the Deaf  Purple VRS, combined with ZVRS , one videophone provider -- Sorenson VRS <-- Hoow to get a Smoke/Fire alarm from Red Cross <-- What is Deaf Culture  World Federation for the Deaf  Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf   Deaflympics site  Nyle DiMarco Foundation <-- National Institute on Deafness and other Communications Disorders, site on ASL  Learn about how to improve Deaf children’s lives  Groundbreaking visual language science based research lab  What is the Coronavirus in ASL <-- Overcoming Additional Barriers to treat Deaf/HH patients During Coronavirus <-- NCDHR : National Center for Deaf Health Research  CDC Sponsored playlist in ASL of COVID-19 precautions and information  Deaf Vee, Deaf news <-- Daily Moth , Deaf news  Silent Grapevine, Deaf news  Sign1News , Deaf news <-- Deaf Newspaper by Ken Davis <-- Deaf blogger Rogan Shannon (BookTube too) – Deaf culture and awareness presentation by me 😊 

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